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Sungrow Launches SH5.5RS-JP for the Japanese Residential Market During World Smart Energy Week 2022

Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, formally launched its newest residential ESS product—SH5.5RS-JP during World Smart Energy Week 2022. This specific version is tailored for the Japanese residential market. Featuring higher yields, simplicity, enhanced safety, and smart O&M, the SH5.5RS-JP better meets the evolving needs of Japanese residential users and provides each house with stable and clean

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SolarEdge to launch residential battery and inverter

The DC-coupled battery has 94.5% round-trip efficiency and the inverter offers up to 11.4 kW power and 10.3 kW backup power. The battery is able to be charged while simultaneously exporting power to the grid for utility bill credits. The Energy Hub inverter ranges from 7.6kW to 11.4kW PV power and 10.3 kW backup power, with 200% DC oversizing to

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More flexible, lighter, better: KACO new energy to launche new 1-phase inverters on the market

The blueplanet NX1 M2 product family makes the installation of residential solar PV systems particularly easy KACO new energy has begun shipping its next generation of inverters. The blueplanet NX1 M2 are 1-phase devices with output powers between three and five kVA. The designation M2 stands for the number of MPP trackers: in conjunction with the power rating, a sign

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Sungrow to Launch the Latest 75 kW String Inverter for Brazilian DG Market

Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, rolled out the Company’s latest commercial string inverter SG75CX for Brazilian micro-generation power plants, showcasing the Company’s continued commitment to comply with the regional power demand and decarbonize the local economy. The Brazilian solar market has not been significantly impacted due to the COVID-19 crisis as the increasing electricity demand, the low-interest

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