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Northvolt to produce first fully recycled battery cell | Towards establishing 125,000 ton/year giga recycling plant

Northvolt recycling program, Revolt, has produced its first battery cell with 100% recycled nickel, manganese and cobalt Following material validation, electrochemical performance testing of cells produced with recycled metals demonstrates performance on par with cells produced with freshly-mined metals Committed to accelerating battery recycling and its impact on battery production, Northvolt aims to expand its recycling plant capacity to enable

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Duracell launches 14 kWh battery for residential PV

The US battery manufacturer entered the stationary storage business with a new product for residential customers. The lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery is compatible with new or existing PV systems. US alkaline battery Duracell, a unit of US holding company Berkshire Hathaway, has entered the stationary storage market with a new product for residential customers – the Duracell Power Center product line.

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Sungrow to Launch New Energy Storage Systems for APAC Commercial and Industrial Market

Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, rolled out the brand-new energy storage system — ST129CP-50HV Series, for APAC commercial & industrial market. This powerful product proves the world’s best C&I ESS solution featuring simplicity, security, intelligence and cost-efficiency. It supports various applications including demand management, peak & valley arbitrage, self-consumption, power backup and micro-grid. With these cutting-edge

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SolarEdge to launch residential battery and inverter

The DC-coupled battery has 94.5% round-trip efficiency and the inverter offers up to 11.4 kW power and 10.3 kW backup power. The battery is able to be charged while simultaneously exporting power to the grid for utility bill credits. The Energy Hub inverter ranges from 7.6kW to 11.4kW PV power and 10.3 kW backup power, with 200% DC oversizing to

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Sungrow to Release New Residential Energy Storage Systems

Sungrow announced that it rolled out new residential energy storage systems (ESS) comprising of hybrid inverters and high-voltage batteries – SBR series, for Australian households, ensuring Australia’s renewable energy system is more reliable and affordable. Most of the PV systems in Australia are small-scale residential, and increasingly, commercial rooftop installations. The newly introduced ESS solutions, which are adaptable for various scenarios both in increasing the national

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