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Analysis of Driving Factors of Photovoltaic Power Generation Efficiency: A Case Study in China

Abstract With the increasing consumption of fossil energy and changes in the ecological environment, meeting the energy demands required for industrial and economic development with clean and efficient power generation is a major challenge of our society. Solar energy is considered to be one of the most renewable and sustainable energy sources, and photovoltaic power generation has become an important

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Multiple-Regression Method for Fast Estimation of Solar Irradiation and Photovoltaic Energy Potentials over Europe and Africa

Credit: © 1996-2018 MDPI (Basel, Switzerland) Abstract In recent years, various online tools and databases have been developed to assess the potential energy output of photovoltaic (PV) installations in different geographical areas. However, these tools generally provide a spatial resolution of a few kilometers and, for a systematic analysis at large scale, they require continuous querying of their online databases.

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Are Nano-Composite Coatings the Key for Photovoltaic Panel Self-Maintenance: An Experimental Evaluation

Abstract This article shows the influence of an anti-fouling nano-coating on the electrical energy produced by a string of photovoltaic modules. The coating effect was evaluated comparing the energy produced by two strings of the same PV power plant: one of them was cleaned and the other was cleaned and treated with the coating before the monitoring campaign. The PV

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Manufacturing of All Inkjet-Printed Organic Photovoltaic Cell Arrays and Evaluating their Suitability for Flexible Electronics

Abstract The generation of electrical energy depending on renewable sources is rapidly growing and gaining serious attention due to its green sustainability. With fewer adverse impacts on the environment, the sun is considered as a nearly infinite source of renewable energy in the production of electrical energy using photovoltaic devices. On the other end, organic photovoltaic (OPV) is the class

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Estimation of satellite‐derived regional photovoltaic power generation using a satellite‐estimated solar radiation data

Abstract A large number of photovoltaic (PV) power systems have been adopted in Japan after a feed‐in tariff was introduced in 2012. However, PV power generation data from residential rooftop and/or ground‐mounted PV systems, and larger MW‐size PV plants have not been measured accurately in real‐time. This is because PV power monitoring instruments (eg, smart meters) have not collected a

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