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LONGi to release white paper on its proprietary Smart Soldering technology

LONGi, the world leading solar technology company, has issued a white paper on its proprietary “Smart Soldering” technology, applied in its new-generation Hi-MO 5 series high-power 182mm modules. With the ongoing volume application of large-format PV modules in utility-scale plants, the unique technology can guarantee their loading capacity, enabling energy yield to be optimized throughout their whole lifecycle, delivering more

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[Q&A] 10 Questions about Trina Solar’s Vertex Distributed Modules

The distributed module market has developed rapidly from the beginning of this year. TrinaSolar’s 210mm Vertex distributed PV modules are experiencing strong supply and sales. More and more customers realize the value of 210Vertex PV modules, they firmly choose Trina Solar’s 210mm Vertex PV modules. In order to better serve customers, the following are detailed answers to several customer concerns.

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Lighting up the Ideal Home | Episode 2: What are the specific applications for distributed PV power generation?

As of now, more than one million households in China have installed distributed Solar PV applications. LONGi’s distributed solar PV solutions have been deployed worldwide, ushering in an era in which solar energy is accessible to everyone. In this second of a series of articles, we focus on specific applications for distributed PV. 1. Grid-connected application Grid-connected distributed PV power

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