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The Way to Best LCOE (I) – System Value Assessment For Trina 600W+ Vertex Bifacial-Dual-Glass Module with Single-Axis Tracker

Since establishment from 1997, Trina Solar has been driven by innovative, reliable quality and customer value. Since the release of the first advanced Vertex 210mm modules in February 2020, the product line has been stacked with different products including Vertex S 400W, and the Vertex series of 500W, 550W and 600W and beyond, which fit well with the applications of

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The technical evolution behind the 10GW shipment milestone of LONGi bifacial modules

With the delivery of 100MW of the Hi-MO5 bifacial module in mid-November 2020, the global cumulative shipments of LONGi bifacial modules reached 10GW. The value of the bifacial module has been widely recognized by the industry under LONGi’s leading promotion, furthermore bifacial module has become a mainstream solar product for utility-scale PV plants with an ever increasing market share. This

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LONGi’s Hi-MO 5 to bring optimal BOS savings for power plants

On June 29th LONGi launched its new Hi-MO 5 product for ultra large power plants. Hi-MO 5 is based on M10 gallium doped monocrystalline wafers and uses smart soldering technology. The 72c module power reaches 540W, with an efficiency of more than 21%. The product not only has excellent reliability on the manufacturing side, but also brings more value to

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Empirical data from the China Electric Institute (CEI) to verify the power generation performance of LONGi’s bifacial half-cell module at its pilot project in Qionghai, Hainan

It is generally recognized that half-cell technology reduces the working current of a cell string, thereby also reducing the internal loss of a PV module and improving the module’s power by more than one gear. Compared with a full cell module, half-cell technology reduces the hotspot and working temperatures of the module, significantly improving power generation performance and reliability and

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