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Trina Solar’s 670W Vertex modules’ stunning performance in 35mm hailstone test

Extreme weather events everywhere are doing what cool logic had failed to do: convince even the most obdurate sceptics that climate change is indeed real. What has also become clear is that photovoltaic modules, one tool in the planet’s armory as it seeks to reduce carbon emissions by using alternative energy sources, need to be extremely sturdy as they are

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Trina Solar to publish white paper on global Inverters matching for Trina Solar Vertex series modules

Trina Solar has published a white paper on Inverter Matching for Trina Solar’s Vertex Series PV Modules, the first intelligent inverters matching database in the global photovoltaic industry. The inverters covered in the paper are fully adaptive to all modules in the 210 Vertex series, focusing on the Vertex 550W, 600W and 670W series ultra-high power modules, covering 19 mainstream inverter brands and more than 180 inverter

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