TrinaTracker Highlights the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Solar PV

20th June 2022, TrinaTracker a global leading tracker solution provider, explains the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Solar industry in Genera 2022.

Oscar Aira, Head of Solutions Sales EMEA, participated in the Forum that takes place at the International Energy and Environment trade exhibition “Genera” from 14th to 16th June with the presentation “How to Increase Energy Production with Artificial Intelligence”.

Oscar illustrated the role that artificial intelligence plays in solar trackers to maximise energy production and minimise O&M costs. As an example, he spoke about the Trina Tracker proprietary self- learning, self-decision making, “SuperTrack Smart Control Monitoring System”.  

According to Mr. Aira, SuperTrack includes a Smart Tracking algorithm that increases energy production by up to 3% to 8% compared with the conventional algorithms. It combines Smart Tracking (STA) and Smart Backtracking (SBA) algorithms to enhance energy yield, particularly during periods of overcast weather, highly diffuse irradiance and complex, uneven terrains.

STA optimizes power production for bifacial modules in highly diffuse irradiance conditions considering the 12 different parameters included in the Trina Bifacial Irradiation Model. That means a more significant quantity of information than the data obtained by the only four parameters used by astronomical algorithms. Moreover, STA reduces tracker rotation times, extending the durability of the motors.

SBA minimizes energy generation losses resulting from row-to-row shading in PV plants installed in terrains with multiple slopes. First, UAV sensing technology and power generation data simulate landscapes and shadings three-dimensionally. Then, the optimal backtracking angle is accurately defined by a machine learning algorithm and the Mini-Shading proprietary model.

Moreover, SuperTrack smart control system includes pyranometers and snow sensors, which data is shared between NCUs. Therefore, if a sensor fails, the trackers’ operation is not affected, and energy production remains high. SuperTrack also integrates protection strategies that are actively responsive in extreme weather conditions.

Oscar Aira, also spoke about TrinaTracker smart Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) “Trina Smart Cloud” as an intelligent solution that minimises power loss, improves system performance and leads to a reduction of Operation and Management (O&M) activities, time, and costs.

Trina Smart Cloud enables reliable and accurate operations across a wide range of weather conditions; Increases productivity from preventive diagnosis and O&M suggestions relying on comprehensive and reliable data analysis to ensure the stable operation of the whole PV station.

Oscar Aira stated: “Nowadays, mounting systems are not any more well-calculated structures that face the sun. There are state-of-the-art solar trackers that included effective and accurate self-learning communications elements that exchange information to define optimum tracking angles defined by smart tracking algorithms without human intervention”.

TrinaTracker also participated in Genera 2022 as an exhibitor. The company showcased its recently launched Vanguard 1P tracker, with a design that allows easy and fast assembly and achieves robustness while saving steel by integrating a dual-damper system and a rounded edge torque tube.

Marisa González, Global Marketing Manager at TrinaTracker, commented on the novelty to Pedro Sanchez, Spanish Prime Minister during his visit to the exhibition.

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Source: Trina

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