JinkoSolar Claims Its First Overseas “RE100 Factory” Completely Run by the Renewables

JinkoSolar, one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers today announced the Malaysia factory become its first overseas  “RE100 factory” through the full-scale use of the renewables. 100% of the electricity consumed in production and operation activities supporting 7GW solar cell and 7GW modules capacity is supplied by green electricity. This is also China’s first overseas manufacture investment powered hundred percent by the renewables.

There are two main methods of main using clean electricity, external procurement and in-house solar rooftop installation to ensure it completely powered by renewable sources. The external procurement is achieved through utility-scale power purchase agreements (PPAs), with local grid or hyperscale operators buying the output of generators of solar and power, bringing new renewable energy onto the grids supporting the factory operation. The annual purchase of approximately 0.3 billion kWh is bringing the Malaysia factory becomes largest solar corporate buyer of renewable energy in South East Asia.

“This milestone achievement advances Jinkosolar’s goal to 100% run by clean power as scheduled. It also provides a fresh reminder of the huge role of a solar pioneer company like Jinkosolar in leading a society-wide transition to renewable energy,” said Dany Qian, VP of Jinkosolar, “We will always make its biggest impact on the environment by providing customers with technology that enables them to reduce their carbon footprint, and this new goal reflects the shared values of our customers, partners and investors.”




Source: JinkoSolar

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