Beyond the Expected: Sungrow’s Latest Residential Solutions Showcase at InterSolution 2022 in Belgium

Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, showcased its flagship residential 1-phase and 3-phase PV and storage solutions for European households at InterSolution 2022 in Belgium on January 19-20, facilitating the step of the company to the further push the local energy revolution.

The 2050 European carbon neutrality target for Europe is a strong driver for energy storage systems. Tailored to various residential scenarios, Sungrow offers both 1-phase and 3-phase Solutions, opening the possibility to get both, Hybrid inverter plus Battery, delivered from one manufacturer. This offers some clear benefits for the installer but also for the end-customer: one manufacturer means one point of contact for the whole system. This may refer to installation, commissioning, service request or warranty conditions.

Beyond Effortless

The new Battery is designed in a modular and user-friendly way. Each battery module weighs only 33 kg and it’s assembled just by placing the modules on top of each other, no wiring required. The new installation video guides through all required steps of the installation and shows how fast and easy a battery installation may be.

In the 1-phase Solution, the minimum battery capacity starts at 9.6 kWh which corresponds to 3 battery modules and can be scaled up to 19.2 kWh which refers to 6 modules per battery; while in the 3-phase Solution, the modular battery can be scaled up to 25.6 kWh which refers to 8 modules per battery.

Furthermore, the plug-and-play design ensures easy installation that can be carried out by only one installer in most countries.

Beyond Versatile

The combination of Hybrid Inverter plus Battery from Sungrow offers an optimized residential backup experience, with a seamless transition of only 10ms (1-phase Solution) or 20ms (3-phase Solution) when there is a power outage. Since the price of electricity fluctuates, the energy storage system can be instructed to absorb electricity when it is cheap and release electricity when it is expensive in order to generate revenue for the customer.

Furthermore, the system with hybrid inverter is also easy to be retrofitted in a grid-connected home that already owns a PV installation, adding battery storage.

Beyond Safe

The new 1-phase inverters also feature the built-in PID recovery function, that allows the inverter to compensate for the power loss of the PV modules due to the PID polarization decay at night.

It also comes with AFCI technology – in case of an arc fault, the inverter’s switches open and interrupt the circuit, improving personal safety, protecting equipment, and preventing damage to the solar system.

Another highlight of the 1-phase and 3-phase Solution is the new communication device, WiNet-S. The WiNet module combines Ethernet and WiFi connections in one port. The device sends fresh data to the free of charge monitoring platform iSolarCloud every 10 seconds. With this capability, the customer can check the energy flow and self-consumption in near real time, being totally in control of his renewable energy production.

The Benelux is one of the most vibrant markets in Europe, “Residential is growing here and by developing exactly these products Sungrow shows real commitment to the Benelux market,” Jeremy Powell, Director of Distribution, Sungrow Europe.


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