LONGi to strengthen position in Indian market and showcases latest innovations at REI 2021

LONGi participated at the three-day Renewable Energy India (REI) Expo in mid-September, strengthening its brand image and attracting significant attention from visitors.

The company’s Hi-MO 5 series was of particular interest, with its future prominence in ultra large scale utility projects a frequent focus of on-site discussions.

LONGi signs partnership agreement with Power n Sun during REI 2021

LONGi and the UAE’s Power n Sun, the largest solar distributor in the Middle East, have announced the signature of a partnership agreement to expand their already strong relationship to the Indian & Sri Lankan markets. The agreement was formally signed during REI 2021 by Mr. Arijit Mitra, LONGi Solar’s DGM for channel business in India & Sri Lanka and Mr. L. K. Verma, Managing Director of Power n Sun.

“This partnership is in line with the vision to exchange each other’s expertise and jointly serve the Indian and Sri Lankan PV markets with world-class modules through the distribution channel. The partnership will support the presence of both parties in all areas of solar business and also help us further enhance our brand”, commented Pradeep Kumar, LONGi’s Managing Director for India and Sri Lanka.

“LONGi is the world’s largest solar company with a production capacity of over 50GW. Breaking records by shipping over 24GW of modules globally last year, LONGi is committed to maintaining its leadership in the manufacturing of monocrystalline silicon products and to delivering higher efficiency to its partners. Through its ongoing partnership with Power n Sun, the company will continue to grow its footprint in the Indian subcontinent to ensure top-quality products are delivered to the region,” he added.

Pradeep Kumar, LONGi Managing Director, recognised as among most powerful solar business leaders at REI 2021

SolarQuarter published the 4th edition of its ‘Power100’ list – the 100 most powerful solar business leaders in the Indian PV industry – at REI 2021. Pradeep Kumar, Managing Director for LONGi India, was recognised within this prestigious list for his significant contribution in the field of solar PV.

LONGi sees great potential for 182mm modules to reach shipment share of 70% next year

LONGi is the leading player in this area, contributing close to 58% of total shipments in Q2 2021. According to industry data, high-efficiency mono PERC modules are now the preferred product, making up over 70% of India’s total shipments in the quarter.

In terms of the overall development of the PV industry, the 182mm size modules promoted by LONGi will be released in large quantities during the second half of this year and the company foresees 182mm accounting for more than 50% of module shipments to existing domestic and overseas markets in 2021, going on to achieve a 70% share in 2022.

LONGi solution-related services

LONGi has been launching solution-related services for many of its core customers, offering solutions for projects in periods of power station development to help maximize revenue during the construction phase of a station. Additionally, a digital energy service platform with a complete set of service tools has been built and developed internally over a period of one and a half years, with this business now expanding on a large scale.

Source: LONGi



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