LONGi to earn an order to supply 64 MW of Hi-MO 5 solar modules for Eurowind Energy’s projects

LONGi, the world’s leading solar technology company headquartered in Xi’an, China, has earned an order from Eurowind Energy to supply 64 MW of its high-efficiency Hi-MO 5 solar modules for three projects in Portugal and Denmark.

It is learned that 22 MW of this batch will be supplied for a project in Portugal, and 42 MW will be delivered for two different (hybrid) projects in Denmark. The 64 MW order of LONGi’s Hi-MO 5 solar modules is planned to be delivered from September 2021 onwards.

Jens Rasmussen, CEO of Eurowind Energy, said: “Placing this order shows our commitment to solar PV in the Portuguese and Danish markets. This is another proof that solar is a fully integrated part of our business alongside our wind portfolio. We look forward to seeing the panels arriving from LONGi Solar’s facilities and begin the installation. We are comfortable that LONGi Solar will deliver on time and with the same high quality, they have become known for.” 

Pedro Pereira, Managing Director for the Southern European Region and Head of the Solar Competence Center of Eurowind Energy also commented: “We have been negotiating a module supply frame agreement with LONGi Solar for quite a long time. I’m glad that we have finally capitalized on those negotiations and kicked off our first purchase orders for three projects at the same time.”

Dennis She, Senior Vice President from LONGi Solar, said: “With innovative technology and exceptional quality, we have always maintained a leading position in the industry for reliability and stability. We are pleased to partner with Eurowind Energy to create a net-zero carbon future with green energy from the sun.”

Source: LONGi



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