LONGi to complete first shipment of Hi-MO 5 modules to Chile

LONGi has announced the successful shipment of its high-efficiency Hi-MO 5 solar modules to a 3 MW project in the O’Higgins Region of northern Chile, the first using Hi-MO 5 modules to reach the installation stage.

The mainstream two-pallet vertical packing method ensured that the modules arrived at the project site intact after a packaging and transportation process of almost two months.

 (Reserve packing margin to maximize container capacity)

 (Placed on site in stable condition with falling risks largely reduced)

 (Easy and convenient unpacking)

 (Installation site)

 (Installation site)

Once at the site, the Hi-MO 5’s weight of 32.3 kg, with an area of less than 2.6 m2, made handling and installation straightforward for the two person teams involved.

With gallium-doped M10 standard 182mm silicon wafers and smart soldering technologies, Hi-MO 5 modules feature a maximum power output of 540W and an efficiency of 21.1%. The module series is designed based on the concept of optimal size, taking into consideration different factors such as product manufacturing, packaging, transportation, installation, load capacity and system end matching. The successful shipment to Chile can be considered the perfect proof of concept for these design principles.

The appropriate increase in module size combined with the excellent wind resistance of the associated trackers means the deformation under load and the shear stress at the mounting hole can be maintained within the safety range. On the premise of safe application, the total power of the module carried on the single tracker will be higher, thus reducing both rack and pile foundation costs.

Dennis She, Senior Vice President at LONGi Solar, commented that, with its abundant light supply, Chile has great potential for developing PV power generation projects. In 2020, LONGi forged an in-depth cooperation with Chile, with shipments of its high-efficiency  modules reaching 669MW.

In addition to Chile, Hi-MO 5 modules have also been shipped to overseas countries such as Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Spain and Australia. With the value of the product recognized by more and more customers, LONGi is confident of a return to module size standardization for utility-scale solar power stations.

Source: LONGi



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