Sungrow Cumulative Shipments to the Americas Cross 10 GW

Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, announced recently that its cumulative shipments in the Americas hit a significant milestone of 10 GW by the end of 2020, underlining its position in the deep decarbonization of the local economy and its role as a big game-changer for renewable energy across the region at large.

Significant process made in a challenging year

With a continued upward growth trajectory in markets like the United States, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Mexico, Sungrow has extended partnerships with a multitude of EPCs, distributors and integrators.

“We deployed 5 GW of PV inverter solutions to North America in 2020,” said Hank Wang, President of Sungrow Americas. Wang commented that the Company hit the 1 GW milestone in the LATAM hub Chile and has consolidated the pivotal role in Brazil with landmark achievements in both utility-scale market and distributed generation segments.

The celebrated projects supplied in 2020 include the 200 MW Wright Solar project and a 400 MW project in Brazil which is set to be online in the second half of 2021 with Sungrow 3.125 MW central inverter solution installed.

Notably, Sungrow is the only inverter supplier ranked “100% bankable” for two straight years by BNEF. The Company shows a robust track record of performance in projects it powers.

Giant strides taken to innovations

The achievement is testimony to the success of innovations. Sungrow has a massive R&D task force to push the boundaries of innovation and develop the most intuitive and pragmatic products of the whole industry.

With the feed-in tariffs (FiT) slashed, the dropping PPA price is poised to demand a lower system cost. Sungrow’s cutting-edge products rolled out this year include a 3.6 MW outdoor central inverter solution, well matching the local demand as it not only enables a minimized LCOE, but also can be flexibly added to solar-plus-storage plant as it is prefabricated with inputs for DC-coupled storage solutions.

The Company also undertook several unique marketing campaigns as a response to COVID-19. “There’s a massive shift to online with everything. We took this year to navigate a more diverse range of marketing channels to provide practical advice and examples that customers can benefit from,” said Hank Wang. The Company took the initiative to display latest products in a semi-truck for roadshows during the fourth quarter of 2020, attracting hundreds of customers while keeping the social distancing among the pandemic across 19 American cities.

Make 2021 a breakthrough

The global environment projection is navigating near-term uncertainty, which will require more efforts and supportive policy to the pace of the recovery worldwide. That being said, the deep decarbonization of the power generation industry is in full swing.

Sungrow continues to embrace the growth potential of the global market in support of low-carbon lifestyles and the clean energy action plan in different countries. “Success hinges on sustainability. Sungrow has enormous potential to unlock future innovations,” commented Hank Wang.

The Company stated that it is poised to meet the booming demands as it races to offer the best practices to secure the benefits for the stakeholders, backed by continued innovations and trustworthy delivery capability and a more comprehensive team spanning across the Americas, offering industry-leading service responsively. It also shows robust momentum in the path toward adding more solar-plus-storage applications.

Source: Sungrow


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