DSM Advanced Solar to launch new ‘all purpose’ Endurance backsheet

Royal DSM, a global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, today announced the launch of the ‘all purpose’ Endurance backsheet D15: a product that fills a gap in the solar market by delivering superior protection for a wide range of solar modules at an ideal performance-cost ratio. As a leader in co-extruded backsheet technology DSM is now poised to help further revolutionize the backsheet industry – with a clear goal of attaining a leading position.

The Endurance backsheet D15 is an all-purpose backsheet for mainstream applications that is already proven to perform. Not only is it based on technology that has delivered in the field for almost six years without a fault; it recently became the recipient of the world’s first integrated stress sequence accelerated aging certificatefrom industry leading third-party testing and certification organization, TÜV SÜD.

This tough material evaluation simulates natural conditions through a combination of damp heat aging, ultraviolet aging, high-and-low temperature cycle aging, and other sequences – and has been introduced in the midst of unprecedented backsheet failure in the industry. Some 16% of all module failures are related to the backsheet component, according to the latest Global PV Reliability Report from DuPont. This adds up to an estimated $4.5bn module investment at stake in 2020.

Increasingly we are seeing – and hearing from customers – that traditional backsheet design has reached its limits and is no longer fit for purpose in the longer term,” says Pascal de Sain, Vice President of DSM Advanced Solar. “Extreme cost pressure has led to thinner backsheets, made from inferior PET-based materials with less and less fluoropolymer content. But our new Endurance backsheet D15 addresses this challenge by delivering outstanding module protection, based on industry leading technology – affordably.

The Endurance backsheet D15 is co-extruded in a single-step process with no adhesives needed. The result is a strong multi-material product that also features the strongest core layer on the market – made from polyolefin instead of PET. This in turn enables the D15 backsheet to deliver excellent moisture protection and sand abrasion resistance coupled with outstanding mechanical, UV and chemical resistance.

In addition to benefitting performance, the Endurance backsheet D15 also benefits the planet. The product is produced via a completely transparent manufacturing process with full traceability of Bill of Materials. Furthermore, it delivers the same sustainability benefits as the rest of the Endurance backsheet family. Endurance backsheet D15 is completely fluorine-free with up to a 30% lower carbon footprint than traditional equivalents – and is fully recyclable with no production waste. This in turn enables DSM to continue addressing several of its key UN Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs): SDG7 (‘Ensuring access to affordable, clean energy for all’); SDG12 (‘Ensuring responsible consumption and production’); and SDG13 (‘Taking urgent action to combat climate change’).

This latest addition to our Endurance backsheet family is proof of our continued commitment to the global solar industry,” said Pascal de Sain. “Here at DSM Advanced Solar we remain more dedicated than ever to achieving our ambition of helping to make clean and affordable solar energy available for all.”

Source: DSM




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