JinkoSolar to Support Schneider’s First Distributed Solar Soft Rooftop Project in China

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (“JinkoSolar” or the “Company”) (NYSE: JKS), one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, recently announced that they provided nearly 1 MW of high-efficiency modules for the first distributed soft-rooftop project of Schneider Group, one of the companies of Fortune 500 list in China. This innovative project covers a total area of about 8000 square meters and is expected to generate 1,108,800 kWh of electricity in the first year of operation, reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 1,029 tons annually.

This project shows that the key advantages of JinkoSolar high-efficiency modules are a more competitive return on investment and a better performance. As a matter of fact, the innovative half-cell technology enables the modules to achieve lower shading, a reduced risk of hot spot and a lower working temperature, to reach a  higher power and less heat loss. Hence, this project required less modules to achieve the same result in terms of power output and efficiency, saving labor and mounting system costs to maximize the IRR and reduce significantly the BOS costs. In addition,  the high efficiency modules used for this project have passed the double IEC test, and the results are all above the IEC test standard. This ensures that the PV system can maintain a stable high power generation throughout the modules’ lifetime. Commenting on Schneider Group innovative project, JinkoSolar shared: “The high power generation and great reliability of JinkoSolar modules will help Schneider Group reduce operating costs and achieve the goal of green energy and low-carbon transformation.”

As the investor of this project, Symbior Solar is committed to improving the economic transformation of renewable energy. JinkoSolar, as a leader in China’s PV industry, has always been adhering to the development of renewable energy, and that’s why Symbior Solar prefers JinkoSolar. “After consideration and comparisons, we decided to choose JinkoSolar’s high-efficiency modules. This is the first soft rooftop project in mainland China that we have realized in cooperation with JinkoSolar.” Symbior Solar said they look forward to having more cooperation opportunities between the two parties and continuing to contribute on reducing carbon emissions to achieve the ambitious goal of carbon neutrality.

Being the most representative Chinese module manufacturer in PV industry, JinkoSolar has always been focusing on customer value and it’s committed to provide customers with modules that match various environment applications thanks to its advanced manufacturing technologies. JinkoSolar concluded: “The soft rooftop project puts forward higher requirements for the reliability of modules. JinkoSolar is honored to support Symbior Solar’s first soft rooftop project in China providing our high-efficiency modules and services to help Symbior Solar and Schneider Group achieve their energy transformation and sustainable development.”





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