Asia’s Largest Railway Station to Use Yingli’s High-Efficiency Solar Products

Recently, the Beijing-Xiong’an high-speed railway between Daxing Airport and Xiong’an Station officially entered the dynamic testing phase of the joint commissioning and testing, with the first dynamic testing train starting from Beijing Daxing Airport Station, and the countdown to the opening of the project has begun. This means that the construction of the Xiong’an High-Speed Railway Station, the largest railway station in Asia, is about to be completed and put into operation.

Installation of the solar modules

The Xiong’an Station, with a total construction area of 475,000 square meters, is a bridge-type station with five main floors, including three floors above ground and two underground.

The distributed solar power project on the roof of the Xiong’an Station is supervised by the State Grid Hebei Construction Company. 42,000 square meters of PV modules are laid in this phase, with a total installed capacity of 6MW and an average annual power generation of 5.8 million kilowatt hours. The project incorporates Yingli high-efficiency modules, which not only have an attractive appearance to suit the environment, but also have proven quality, high reliability, low degradation and long product warranty. Solar energy will provide 20% of the electricity for the operation of this railway station, and it will be demonstration of clean energy in a public transportation facility.

Source: Yingli Energy (China) Company Limited


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