Sungrow to Releases Latest Product Portfolio Covering a Wide Range of PV and Energy Storage Applications

Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, rolled out flagship PV and energy storage product solutions at the ongoing Smart Energy Virtual Show, showing latest advanced technologies for multiple applications in a more flexible, informative virtual networking platform.

Latest turnkey station SG6250HV-MV

The turnkey station SG6250HV-MV for 1500Vdc system integrates two units of outdoor central inverter SG3125HV-30 with medium-voltage transformer and other components in a 40-ft container, minimizing the cost on transportation and installation. Given the three-level topology technology, the maximum inverter efficiency reaches 99%. As a brand-new outdoor central inverter, it is strategically designed with DC/AC ratio up to 1.8, enabling cost-saving on Balance of System (BoS) at USD$ 2 million for a 100MWp project.

Featuring an optimal protection level of IP65 and anti-corrosion capacity of C5, the brand-new outdoor solution is resilient in harsh conditions. Equipped with smart forced air-cooling technology, the solution can operate without derating even when the temperature is up to 50 degrees Celsius, making solar projects more productive and cost-effective. The solution is compatible with the DC-coupling energy storage system, enabling 60% of the rated power charge from grid. Complying with the most demanding international grid codes, the solution contributes the quality and stability of the electric system.

SG125HX, a new 1500Vdc string inverter

Focusing on ground-mounted utility-scale projects, the new 1500Vdc string inverter SG125HX features 6 MPPTs and is compatible with the high wattage bifacial module surpassing 500Wp, delivering high productivity. Flexible for blocks among 1.6MW to 3MW, the solution of high protection capacity is of IP66 and C5. Characterized by a compact design and a light weight of only 70 kg, the 125kW solution speeds the installation and commissioning.

Commercial & residential innovations

Commercial and residential PV drives global solar demand. The commercial product portfolio including SG50CX, SG110CX for 1000Vdc system, feature multiple MPPTs which allows an optimal efficiency even in the shade and high protection level IP66 and C5, durable to harsh conditions. In addition, it offers high yields with a DC/AC ratio up to 1.5.

The robust three-phase hybrid residential inverters ranging from 5kW to 10kW perfectly suit the requirement of households. With built-in uninterrupted back-up power supply, the inverter can automatically detect outage and seamlessly transfer to back-up power. It supports 100% unbalanced loads in off-grid mode, which means home appliance can flexibly be connected to any phase. Featuring a compact design, plug-and-play connectors and innovative friendly end-user interface, the inverter enables easy installations.

Unmatched ESS solutions

Sungrow offers a wide range of storage solutions to satisfy diversified needs. Sungrow ESS has been installed in over 900 major projects across the globe. The new “50kW-3 Hour” system ST159kWh-50HV tailored to C&I projects is fully integrated and of high efficiency and safety. Equipped with reliable four-level battery management, fast breaking and anti-arc protection, top-mounted HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning), and FSS (Fire Suppression System), the solution can ensure cost-savings and longevity.

Another “3MW-1 Hour” system ST3368kWh-3150UD-MV designed for utility-scale applications is also being showcased. With the all-in-one integrated design, the solution is easy for installation and O&M.

Among others, Sungrow elaborates the standout PCS (Power Conversion System) available for capacity expansion from 1MW to 6.9MW as well as DC-DC converters. The PCS features a high overall protection level of IP65 and anti-corrosion level of C5. It allows a wide DC voltage operation range and full power operation at 1500V. In terms of the DC-DC converters SD125HV and SD1250HV, they are of bi-directional buck-boost design with maximum efficiency of 99%, accessible for wide DC operating voltage range.

Given the continued pioneering in the market and over 40% of personnel assigned to R&D, Sungrow keeps bringing forth advanced technologies to meet growing demands across the globe. “We would like to drive the adoption of more solar and energy storage to meet a growing appetite for clean, renewable energy. Looking forward to connecting with more stakeholders for sustainable development of the society despite the changing situation,” said Jack Gu, Senior Vice President of Sungrow.

Source: Sungrow


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