GoodWe granted exclusive licensing contract for global sales with GE

GoodWe announce that, following a rigid and thorough selection process, GoodWe has been selected as the exclusive licensing partner of solar inverters for GE’s global sales. This is a true recognition of the quality, reliability and technology advancement of GoodWe’s inverters. The powerful combination of GoodWe’s product quality and GE’s iconic brand is a recipe for success that has the potential to replicate European success stories in the US and the world beyond.

GoodWe is proud to celebrate this achievement, especially in the context of the rigid selection criteria that GE applied throughout the entire selection process. A large number of solar inverter manufacturers were carefully analysed and assessed against a rigid and thorough list of carefully drafted selection criteria put together by a group of elite researchers and scientist working at GE’s extensive global research facilities. 32 manufacturers were then shortlisted and went through an even more comprehensive assessment that included everything from technical capabilities of key components, to firm’s financial stability and extent of global service coverage, as well as aesthetic design, brand awareness and overall reputation, among countless other criteria.

Asked about their choice, Mr. Thomas Buccellato, Senior Managing Director – GE Licensing stated:

“Our analysts knew we needed world-class products, as we will be targeting the high end of the market where end-user loyalty to the brand also comes with high expectations. GoodWe is the right choice.” 

“After years of hard-work and continuous improvement, this is the true recognition that the brand and the company truly deserve”said Daniel Huang, Founder and CEO of GoodWe.

“GoodWe is ready to embark on this journey and shall always move forward towards its mission and path to continued success in years to come”. 

Source: GoodWe 


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