SGS to issue first VDE compliance certificate to Sungrow

Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, announced the Company received the VDE 4110&4120 compliance certificate for the its featured string inverter SG110CX from SGS, an international inspection, verification, testing and certification group, becoming China’s first solar player to receive the certificate of compliance to the technical requirements for the connections and operation of both German medium-voltage and high-voltage networks.

VDE-AR-N 4110: 2018 and VDE-AR-N 4120: 2018 are the latest technical grid connection requirements for medium-voltage and high-voltage networks released by German authorities in 2018 and replace the BDEW regulations and VDE-AR-N 4120: 2015 respectively. Known for the industry’s most stringent requirements, they bring considerable challenges to massive manufacturers, operators and certification bodies. In particular, VDE-AR-N 4120: 2018 is more demanding than VDE-AR-N 4110: 2018 in tests such as high/low voltage ride-through and  reactive power response.

The SG110CX was rolled out in 2019 and is increasingly experiencing higher demands by customers worldwide. The inverter is a compact 110kVA multi-MPPT inverter addressing  commercial installations with a high protection level of IP66 and C5, also is also compatible with bifacial modules and tracking systems. More information about the product here.

“We are proud to receive this landmark certificate compliance. The product compliance and efficiency are paramount for the success of Sungrow. With this certification, we have shown once again that Sungrow takes the lead in product innovations and accelerates technical pioneering in Europe,” said Lewis Li, Vice President of Sungrow. Li also emphasized Sungrow having over six branches in Europe and comprehensive local team to meet growing demands.


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