SunModo to Introduce SunTurf® Elevated Racking Systems

Navigating obstacles on the roof or ground used to be one of a solar installer’s worst challenges.

Today, the easy, affordable solution is SunTurf, SunModo’s newest solar racking innovation for residential and commercial ground-mounted and elevated roof-mounted systems.

SunModo introduced the improved SunTurf line after many years of field experience with SunBeam®, the industry’s most popular elevated system. SunTurf racking can be utilized in roof mount, ground mount, canopy, or sleek multi-pole configurations with fewer ground penetrations.

“We are excited with the early response to SunTurf as our versatile next-generation system that saves time and money through configuring, sourcing and installation, which is exactly what our installers want,” said Steve Mumma, SunModo Director of Sales.

The SunTurf system works on flat roofs where solar panels are elevated above common obstacles, such as pipes, vents and HVAC systems, to maximize system size while allowing space underneath for maintenance and repairs without disassembling the solar array.

SunTurf features standard leading-edge heights of up to 7 feet on flat roofs, ground mounts that integrate rails with Schedule 40 steel pipes to span up to 10 feet, innovative swivel pipe caps to accommodate up to 27 percent slope east-west and 120 percent slope north-south, and aluminum clamp components with corrosion-resistant hardware.

Among the first to utilize the new SunTurf system was Jordan Weisman, General Manager of Sunbridge Solar, a solar installation company serving greater Portland area since 2010.

“SunModo’s SunTurf system was a game changer for us. After a few hours on site, the ground screws were in and we were constructing our array. It also was the straightest and best-looking ground mounted array to date.”

The SunTurf introduction is part of a determined SunModo initiative to revamp its entire racking product line to become easier and more affordable in the highly competitive solar industry.

Source: SunModo


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