LONGi high-efficiency modules to power 475 residential rooftops in Poland

LONGi high-efficiency modules were the panels of choice for a 1.63 MW distributed solar project mounted across 475 residential rooftops in Poland. The project was initiated by the Polish government in order to boost the transformation of energy from tradition to diversified clean energy sources.

The project aims for self-consumption use of the energy generated with surplus electricity sold and injected to the grid. The energy meets the demand of nearly 1,000 households and has brought both economic and environmental benefits to residents.

In a competitive bid, LONGi was selected as the panel supplier to the project. The high-efficiency, high-reliability and high-yield mono PERC modules will provide stable power for more than 25 years. LONGi entered the Polish PV market in March 2018 and has rapidly gained wide recognition for its high-efficiency and reliable products.

Poland is located in Eastern Europe. According to IRENA, as of December 2018, Poland had 487 MW of solar connected to the grid. In 2019, Poland will open for bidding 750 MW photovoltaic projects as part of its plans to achieve 900 MW installed capacity in 2020, 10.2 GW by 2030 and 20.2 GW by 2040.

Poland’s lower house of parliament has approved an amendment to the country’s “Environmental Protection Act” that will cut value-added tax on residential solar project from 23 % to 8%. The new rules are expected to boost residential photovoltaic projects in Poland, which is open to projects with installed capacity of 2-10 kW, with rebates of up to 5,000 zlotys ($1,268) per project.

The success of the project across 475 residential rooftops has proved the viability of the PV distributed generation model in Poland. LONGi is committed in supporting the Polish market with high-efficiency products and work will hand-in-hand with our partners as Poland strides towards its environment targets.

Story Source: LONGi


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