Monthly Archives: September 2019

HZB to hit world record for tandem perovskite-CIGS solar cell: 23.26% efficiency

A team headed by Prof. Steve Albrecht from the HZB will present a new world-record tandem solar cell at EU PVSEC, the world’s largest international photovoltaic and solar energy conference and exhibition, in Marseille, France on September 11, 2019. This tandem solar cell combines the semiconducting materials perovskite and CIGS and achieves a certified efficiency of 23.26 per cent. One

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BayWa r.e. to give solar boost to Tetra Pak in Thailand

With more than 3,000 solar panels installed across four of its factory rooftops, Tetra Pak now has a capacity of 1,000 kWp, generating its own green energy for its Thai business. Tor Pramoj, Managing Director of BayWa r.e. (Thailand) Co., Ltd. says: “We began operating in the APAC region in 2015 and we’re already a leader in the PV wholesale and

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