Monthly Archives: September 2019

Cost-effective “photomicroreactor” based on luminescent solar concentrators

The sun is the most sustainable energy source available on our planet and could be used to power photochemical reactions. In the journal Angewandte Chemie, scientists present a widely applicable, cost-effective photomicroreactor. It is based on “Luminescent Solar Concentrators,” which harvest, convert, and make photons available for chemical reactions. Thus, the researchers were able to synthesize various substances, including two pharmaceuticals.

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Heraeus Photovoltaics and Cell Engineering tp announce partnership to bring high-yield LECO technology and metallization pastes to market

LECO (Laser Enhanced Contact Optimization) is a patented solution for solar cell manufacturers to significantly improve high-efficiency cell bin yields. Heraeus has invented, and is now refining, new LECO-specific metallization pastes which additionally improve overall cell efficiency by up to 0.15%. The technology is versatile and designed to be applicable for nearly all cell technologies which use co-firing. The breakthrough

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