LONGi’s bifacial double-glass modules to land in Hong Kong Ocean Park

LONGi Solar is proud to be associated with Hong Kong Ocean Park’s first photovoltaic project on the roof of its Ice Pole World Pavillion making use of LONGi’s bifacial modules.

Hong Kong Ocean Park has introduced a solar photovoltaic system on the roof of its Ice Pole World Pavilion using bifacial modules supplied by LONGi.

It is reported that the photovoltaic project is the first phase of the marine park distributed project developed by Widex Solar using LONGi’s 600 bifacial double-glass PERC mono modules for the project. The modules have long working life and high conversion efficiency, which provides a strong guarantee for the stability and continuity of project operations. The project was successfully connected to the grid in the first quarter of this year with an estimated annual power generation of nearly 200,000 kWh, providing 50 households with one year of electricity consumption.

Widex Solar is an early-stage solar energy company in Hong Kong with mature technology and a professional technical team. Mi Zhizhong, general manager of Widex Solar, said, “As a trustworthy partner, LONGi’s products are very reliable. We have been using the modules produced by LONGi to help the wide application of photovoltaics in Hong Kong.”


Credit: LONGi

LONGi’s bifacial PERC modules show significant power generation advantages in practical applications, making them a reliable choice for PV power plant investors looking to achieve lower power costs. According to PV InfoLink, between 2018 and April 2019, LONGi accounted for 89% of the bifacial modules exported by China Customs, proving once again the application advantages of bifacial technology worldwide. LONGI’s bifacial modules have previously been adopted by the largest“bifacial modules+ tracking bracket” power generation project in the United States and the first large-scale mono PERC bifacial power generation project in Africa, effectively promoting the large-scale application of overseas bifacial technology and advanced systems..

Hong Kong began accepting applications for the “On-grid Electricity Price Plan” from the end of August last year. As one of the earliest participants in the new plan, Ocean Park has set an example for the wider application of clean energy in Hong Kong. The construction of PV projects in the park will not only have considerable economic benefits, but also contribute to the use of green energy.

Ocean Park revealed that there are still many places in the park that can be used to install distributed PV systems, and that it will consider continued implementation of PV power generation applications throughout the park.

Source: LONGi

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