Monthly Archives: July 2019

LONGi’s bifacial double-glass modules to land in Hong Kong Ocean Park

LONGi Solar is proud to be associated with Hong Kong Ocean Park’s first photovoltaic project on the roof of its Ice Pole World Pavillion making use of LONGi’s bifacial modules. Hong Kong Ocean Park has introduced a solar photovoltaic system on the roof of its Ice Pole World Pavilion using bifacial modules supplied by LONGi. It is reported that the

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‘Deforming’ solar cells could be clue to improved efficiency

Deformations and defects in structures of photoelectric technologies shown to improve their efficiency University of Warwick physicists demonstrate that strain gradient can prevent recombination of photo-excited carriers in solar energy conversion Increasingly important as devices become miniaturised Solar cells and light sensing technologies could be made more efficient by taking advantage of an unusual property due to deformations and defects

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