Sungrow to Announce a Significant Expansion of its Product Portfolio to Meet Evolving Worldwide Demand at SNEC 2019

Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, presented the Company’s showstopper products and solutions at SNEC 2019 in Shanghai, China, illustrating the unrivalled access to the maximized added value for the customers and unleashing informative industry insights at Sungrow’s well-attended booth (E7-510).

The global market is driving solar towards becoming the world’s preferred energy source. Offering scientific design for diverse applications ranging from utility-scale PV plants, commercial and industrial solar parks and residential power plants to energy storage systems and floating solar systems, Sungrow ushers in a new era of clean energy transition.

Optimized for utility-scale installations, the standout inverter solutions were introduced by the Company at the show, including the flagship turnkey station SG3125HV-MV – a hero product with gigawatts of installations worldwide, the powerful 1500 Vdc string inverter SG250HX with optimal protection capability of IP66 and 12 MPPTs.

To address the growing complex distributed generation commercial & industrial, and residential PV segments, the Company showcased diversified upgraded solutions varying from 3kW residential products to a 1.5 MW outdoor inverter. In particular, the latest string inverter SG100CX focusing on commercial rooftop installations in China, was equipped with 9 MPPTs, a protection level of IP66 and an anti-corrosion grade of C5, enabling a high efficiency even though in the shade and making it resilient in harsh conditions.

Brand-new energy storage systems were unveiled as the Company responds to the proliferating demand of the storage section in the global markets. A “1MW-2 Hour” solution, features the integration of PCS, lithium-ion battery banks and advanced energy management systems in a 40-ft container. The flexibility of the storage system enables the provision of a range of services such as peak shaving, PV curtailment and reserve capacity which enhances the overall benefits added to the system.

“We’re resiliently striving to quicken the way towards grid parity with continuous commitment to  innovative products and services, while the road to a cleaner planet is still undoubtedly a bumpy ride.” said Prof. Cao Renxian, Chairman of Sungrow, in the keynote speech for an industry conference ahead of SNEC. Notably, Sungrow launched another new manufacturing base in China two months ago, which will enable the total production capacity up to 50 GW per year when it’s fully operational. And the Company saw rapid growth on business in H1, 2019.

“In the long run, energy storage will grow into an essential role for the inter-connectivity of clean energy. As a result, we will also take advantage of the opportunities open to Sungrow in this dynamic and continously evolving segment,” He added.

Source: Sungrow

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