Fronius Primo GEN24 hybrid inverter to win Plus X Award

The new Fronius Primo GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter impressed at the Plus X Awards, with the expert jury praising the inverter in four categories: High Quality, Ease of Use, Functionality and Ecology. With features such as the need-based emergency power variants and ease of use, the inverter forms the basis for the ideal PV solution that leaves nothing to be desired.
Like the RedDot and IF Design Award, the Plus X Award is one of the most well-known international design and innovation awards that recognises manufacturers of products with superior quality. The Fronius Primo GEN24 Plus has been honoured in four of seven categories and impresses with high quality, ease of use, functionality and ecology.


Since 1945, Fronius has been synonymous with maximum quality and reliability. Stringent endurance tests and testing methods that go well beyond those required by law ensure that the inverter meets strict requirements. The devices are subjected to the external influences of extreme temperatures, moisture, ice, salt, dust and dirt in our in-house research and development centre. Only then is a device put into series production and delivered to customers.


The GEN24 Plus hybrid inverters stand for extremely easy use, from installation and commissioning through to servicing. Quick-release screws, spring-loaded terminals and a wall mounting system make installation and servicing as easy as possible for the fitter. The result for you as an installer: impressive time and cost savings. Commissioning and system monitoring can be performed easily using a mobile end device; the user-friendly setup wizard can be used on any smartphone or tablet. Tried-and-tested technologies such as SuperFlex Design mean that the inverters can be used anywhere and offer maximum flexibility in system design.


The Fronius GEN24 Plus inverters are the all-in-one solution with integrated energy management system and emergency power supply. The devices always offer the ideal solution for a whole range of customer requirements: whether the system is to have a battery from day one or it is to be added later, a Fronius Ohmpilot is to use PV energy to heat the hot water, or the PV system is to be integrated into a home automation package, the Fronius GEN24 Plus always delivers a suitable solution. With need-based emergency power variants, which can operate with or without a battery, the devices deliver the highest degree of supply reliability for the home sector.


The hybrid inverters also impress in terms of their impact on the environment. In addition to the fact that the storage solutions contribute to conserving our planet’s resources, the devices are also manufactured under environmentally friendly conditions. Fronius is certified to ISO 14001, which means bringing ecology and economy into balance. What’s more, the GEN24 Plus inverters ensure intelligent energy management, energy efficiency and a high degree of self-sufficiency.

Source: Fronius

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