Largest Thin-film Solar Power Industrial Park in the Netherlands by Hanergy

The project has been developed by Hanergy Europe in cooperation with Solar Energy Works, a Dutch development partner. The solar project has been constructed by Sunprojects, a Dutch solar engineering and construction company for Sunrock Investments, a Dutch solar investment firm.


Credit: Hanergy

Next to co-developer of the project, Hanergy Europe is also the exclusive supplier of the 81,000 thin film modules that have been manufactured by Solibro (Germany). Hanergy Europe has been active in the Dutch solar market since 2011 and this project has been its largest development in the Netherlands so far.

For Groningen municipality, this is the largest solar park within its municipality. ‘This solar park is a major milestone in realising our municipality’s ambition to become energy neutral by the year 2035’, according to Mr. Broeksma.

Mr. Ming Li, CEO of Hanergy Thin Film Power Europe commented that the Roodehaan solar park is a landmark project that resembles the success of Hanergy’s solar development strategy in the Netherlands. ‘Hanergy takes great pride in having co-developed and supplied its Solibro modules to this project in close cooperation with its Dutch project partners’.

According to Mr. Guosheng Zhang, Economic and Trade Councillor of the Chinese Embassy this solar project illustrates the key role that China and Chinese companies play in the renewable energy transition in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe’.

Source: Hanergy

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About Hanergy:
Hanergy Thin Film Power Europe has its headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and is a subsidiary of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, the largest Chinese private renewable energy company and manufacturer of thin film solar modules and innovative mobile solar solutions. For further information, see websites: www.hanergy.euand

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