Sungrow Shipments in India Hit 3 Gigawatts

Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, recently announced at a function in New Delhi, that the Company surpassed 3GW of inverter shipments, announcing it is accelerating its expansion to the booming Indian market after reaching this milestone. Remarkably, contracts totaling over 1GW have been signed and will be shipped soon.


The Company, which has offices in Gurugram, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata, has tripled its inverter shipments within 2 years, making fundamental efforts for India’s renewable energy adoption acceleration. Furthermore, Sungrow launched its first inverter manufacturing base outside of China which is of 3GW annual capacity in Bengaluru in 2018, significantly enhancing its delivery capability to both India and other markets like North America, while stimulating job creation at large in the tech-city.

Main products being sold are the Company’s central inverters such as SG3125HV inverter station. Sungrow is also introducing its featured C&I string inverters and energy storage products to better serve the local customers.

“India has huge potential as a proliferating solar market, Sungrow is always committed to optimizing all kinds of resources to better meet our customers’ needs with its unmatched technical innovation,” said Hu Yukun, Country Manager of Sungrow India. “We’re making continued efforts to maximize the ROI to pave the sunny path to grid parity in India as well,” he added.

As a result of strong performance in established markets like India, China, Japan, US, Europe as well as the emerging solar markets such as Vietnam, Brazil and Egypt, Sungrow witnessed rapid growth in 2018, with accumulated inverter shipments over 79GW since 1997. The Company will accelerate its pace to global market in 2019 to further realize its mission of “clean power for all”.

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