SolarCoins now easily available through SMA Sunny Portal

To make the generation and use of solar power even more attractive, SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) has implemented a new feature into its Sunny Portal. Operators and owners of PV plants connected via Webconnect or Sunny Home Manager to the world’s largest solar monitoring platform can now easily and conveniently claim SolarCoins to get an additional reward for their produced clean energy.


SolarCoin, the first energy-referenced currency, is a reward that can be claimed by all producers of solar energy globally. It uses blockchain technology and is given out for free by the SolarCoin Foundation to the producers of solar energy at the rate of 1 SLR (SolarCoin) for every MWh of verified production.

“At SMA, we constantly look for new opportunities and business models for our customers,” said Matthias Victor, Head of Innovation Center at SMA. “Over the last few months we have examined the benefits and possibilities posed by SolarCoin within this context. We are convinced that making this crypto currency easily available through Sunny Portal gives an added value to our customers, especially as the SolarCoin community is constantly evaluating additional use cases and business models that will evolve with the growing community.”

“The SolarCoin community is excited to have SMA’s Sunny Portal be the first global solar energy monitoring platform to integrate and roll out the SolarCoin reward program,” said Nick Gogerty, Co-Founder of SolarCoin. “SMA is showing great leadership in the move to digital energy and blockchain. Now over 260,000 global solar installation owners can click and receive free SolarCoin as a reward for the good solar energy they have produced. They can claim SolarCoin for energy produced since January 2010 for the next 35 years going forward.”

Just a few clicks to be in
Claiming SolarCoins is now very easy for Sunny Portal users. They only have to accept the terms of use by ticking a box in Sunny Portal and the whole application process runs automatically in the background. There is no need to submit all the documentation typically required for registration to provide evidence of the PV system’s ownership status, technical data, power generation capacity and identity. Right after registration, the SolarCoin tile will appear on the system overview in the Sunny Portal. A digital SolarCoin “wallet” is no longer necessary to submit a claim. The SolarCoin Foundation will manage the users’ SolarCoins until they decide to redeem them.

More information and instructions for registration can be found here.

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