Solar Frontier Achieves World Record Thin-Film Solar Cell Efficiency of 23.35%

Solar Frontier K.K., the world’s largest provider of CIS solar energy solutions, has set a new world record for thin-film solar cell efficiency. In joint research with the National Research and Development Agency’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) of Japan, Solar Frontier achieved 23.35% conversion efficiency on a 1cm² cell using cadmium (Cd)-free CIS technology. The result was independently verified by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in November 2018.


The technological development team that achieved the world-record for conversion efficiency. Credit: Solar Frontier K.K.

This achievement was made through the research and development of such technologies as CIS absorber engineering and enhanced surface treatment of the absorber – used together with Solar Frontier’s proprietary Cd-free CIS thin-film technology. Making performance improvements to each of the technologies, Solar Frontier reached its new world record by then combining these under optimal conditions. Solar Frontier expresses its gratitude to everyone for their cooperation in achieving this record, namely NEDO and AIST.


World record-setting Cd-free CIS thin-film solar cell (approx. 1cm²) with 23.35% conversion efficiency. Credit: Solar Frontier K.K.

The conversion efficiency achieved here represents a 0.4 percentage point increase over the previous world record of 22.9% that Solar Frontier set for Cd-containing CIS thin-film solar cells in November 2017. The new mark sets a world record for all CIS thin-film solar cell types.

Solar Frontier’s thin-film solar cells stand out among other solar cell technologies for the excellent environmental characteristics that they offer, achieving high conversion efficiency while saving resources by foregoing the use of Cd, lead and other such chemical elements. By making use of the underlying technology that it has achieved here, Solar Frontier will continue to pursue the realization of lower costs through increased output capacity of its CIS thin-film modules while also providing customers with environmentally friendly and highly economical products.

Source: Solar Frontier K.K.

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