Monthly Archives: January 2019

Hanwha Q CELLS modules secure another low-carbon certificate for French solar tenders

Carbon footprint of 300 kg-eq/C0²/kWc achieved for Q.PEAK and Q.PEAK DUO module series  France’s ambitious solar goals driven by the CRE bidding market, which promotes the use of modules with a low carbon footprint  Hanwha Q CELLS’ Head of EU Sales, Maengyoon Kim said: “We are encouraged that the efforts of the French government to lower its carbon footprint align

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On the web and as an app: New monitoring portal for solar PV systems by KACO new energy

The whole world of PV system monitoring in blueplanet web KACO new energy has relaunched its Internet portal for the remote monitoring of solar PV systems: Since December 2018, the portal has appeared in a refreshed look under the name blueplanet web. As part of the modernisation, the Germany-based PV specialist is now offering users a mobile app as well

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Industry Trends in PV Module Quality by PI Berlin

The Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin (PI Berlin) has released a new study analysing over time its solar PV panel quality control audits. This study analyzes trends in PV module quality from over 250 independent factory audits conducted on more than 120 manufacturers by PI Berlin since 2012. The results provide useful insights into the major trends in PV modules over time, by region of

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