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Producing more solar power in wintertime thanks to snow

Installing photovoltaic panels in high mountains could significantly reduce the power deficit experienced by this renewable energy in winter, according to a joint study by the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF and EPFL. Removable photovoltaic panels. © 2019 EPFL/CRYOS The Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 reflects the decision to abandon nuclear power in the medium term. In the

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Photovoltaic Trend: Tandem Solar Cells – Record Efficiency for Silicon-based Multi-junction Solar Cell

Silicon solar cells dominate the photovoltaic market today but the technology approaches the theoretical maximum efficiency that can be achieved with silicon as the only absorber material. Tandem solar cells, on the other hand, combine several absorber materials, enabling a better energetic use of the solar irradiance spectrum. Due to their higher efficiency potential, tandem solar cells have a promising

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