GoodWe’s Efforts in Illuminating the Road to Escaping Poverty

Poverty alleviation through photovoltaic means is becoming one of the most prevailing methods in China’s “precise poverty alleviation” project, with many exceptional enterprises out to tackle this problem of poverty. The enterprise leading the photovoltaic inverter market, Jiangsu GoodWe Power Technology Co., Ltd. (simply referred to as GoodWe from this point onwards) is one of them.

GoodWe actively combines enterprise development with the national photovoltaic poverty alleviation policy, and along with a lot of heart and a strong sense of responsibility, the precise poverty alleviation through photovoltaic means is regarded as the mission and responsibility of the enterprise. It not only provides excellent products and solutions for many photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, but also provides free inverters to people in poorer regions, free of charge. Regional donation of photovoltaic inverters and active participation in various poverty alleviation activities ensures that the corporate’s philosophy is implemented in the project.


Photovoltaic inverters are the core equipment of photovoltaic power plants, and the entire life cycle of photovoltaic system is dependent on the design, installation, operation and maintenance of it. Since its establishment, GoodWe has been committed to ensuring quality of its products, and has maintained a very good reputation in the industry.

In the face of poverty alleviation projects, GoodWe puts special emphasis on quality and strictly controls the quality of each inverter that flows to poverty alleviation projects.

“Poverty alleviation projects are different from general commercial projects. Not only in the aspect of the profit of the project being benefitting the lives of people, but their self-management ability for photovoltaic systems are also relatively poor, and operation and maintenance is also very inconvenient.” GoodWe promises to provide reliable inverters for each photovoltaic power station built for the purpose of poverty, so that the power stations can continue to operate stably for the next 25 years, and income for less well-off farmers is the region is guaranteed.


In recent years, GoodWe’s inverters have been exported to be used for a number of poverty alleviation photovoltaic projects, from the below the Taihang Mountains to the Huangtu Plateau, from Jinzhai in Anhui Province to Qiaojia County in Yunnan Province. The company has participated in different constructions to build both household and village photovoltaic power stations in the name of poverty alleviation. Construction has helped many poor households to feel the warmth of the sun and given them new hope for a better life ahead.

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