Maximum Comfort: The First Three-Phase SMA Inverter with Free Monitoring Smart Connected

Sunny Tripower 3.0-6.0 from SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) is now available worldwide. The first three-phase PV inverter that is also designed for low power classes is being launched with the SMA Smart Connected service and integrated communication for module optimization. It ensures higher energy yields and investment security for operators of residential PV systems and small, commercial PV systems. Installers benefit from time and cost savings during installation and maintenance.

Maximum Comfort: The First Three-Phase SMA Inverter with Free Monitoring Smart Connected

“Thanks to the new Sunny Tripower, it’s never been easier for our customers to utilize solar energy and further reduce their energy costs,” said Nick Morbach, Executive Vice President Business Unit Residential and Commercial at SMA. “SMA has designed a system that not only increases energy yields and self-consumption, but also offers maximum comfort for PV system operators.”

Maximum energy yields even in shading
Weighing just 17kg, the three-phase Sunny Tripower 3.0-6.0 is not only lighter than any previous Sunny Tripower devices, but also exceptionally powerful. The PV inverter can be commissioned quickly and intuitively via a smartphone or tablet using the web interface and features an integrated interface for easily connecting TS4-R module optimizers, allowing modules affected by shading to be optimized and system costs reduced as a result.

SMA Smart Connected for maximum service comfort
Thanks to the SMA Smart Connected service integrated in Sunny Tripower 3.0-6.0, PV system owners and installers are automatically and free of charge notified of any irregularities. This makes servicing faster and more cost-effective and ensures investment security for PV system owners.

More information on the new Sunny Tripower and the technical details can be found here.
Find out everything you need to know about SMA’s energy solutions for private PV systems.


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