Monthly Archives: December 2018

Global Storage Market Study: SMA Leads the Way in Battery Inverters

With around 400MW of power sold, SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) was the number one on the list of international battery inverter manufacturers in 2017. This was the result of the recently published “Energy Storage Inverter (PCS) Report 2018” by IHS Markit, a leading global institute for analytics and information. In addition to products for storage systems in households and

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Microscopic “sunflowers” for better solar panels

Novel liquid crystal material can be programmed to move in three dimensions, opening up new possibilities for microfabrication The pads of geckos’ notoriously sticky feet are covered with setae – microscopic, hairlike structures whose chemical and physical composition and high flexibility allow the lizard to grip walls and ceilings with ease. Scientists have tried to replicate such dynamic microstructures in

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