Monthly Archives: December 2018

No more dirt and dust: Nanotechnology solution for photovoltaic systems

An EU initiative has developed a robust, durable and low-cost self-cleaning coating. This new product will help improve solar energy generation efficiency. Photovoltaic (PV) systems, which harvest sustainable and clean energy from the sun, accumulate dirt or particles like dust, water and sand. This build-up leads to a reduction in the light energy reaching the solar cells and lowers their

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SMA Supplies Technology to the Largest PV Power Plant in West Africa

SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) will supply 21 SMA Medium Voltage Power Station to the biggest PV power plant in West Africa. In Paris, representatives from SMA and Akuo Energy – France’s biggest independent producer of renewable energies – have now signed contracts. The 50 MW KITA solar farm in Mali is scheduled to be connected to the utility grid

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