Altus Power Completes Solar Carport in Woburn, MA


Altus Power America, Inc. (“Altus”) is pleased to announce the completion of a 0.6 MW DC solar carport located in the Town of Woburn, Massachusetts.  The array is built over a parking area in a local office park, creating a renewable energy generator and providing protection from the elements for the cars that park there.

Altus, a leading investor and owner of solar generation projects based in Greenwich, Connecticut, funded the construction and development of the array and will serve as the long-term owner and operator.  At present, Altus has more than 130 MWs of solar PV across 110+ projects throughout the US. The project was built by Park Avenue Solar Solutions, LLC.

The clean energy generated by the array will be purchased through a Net Metering Credit Agreement between Altus and Acton-Boxborough Regional School District.  The agreement allows the District to receive energy credits on their utility bill from the remotely located installation at a discounted rate.  “We’re thrilled to cut ABRSD energy bills while greening our state’s carbon footprint with renewable solar.  Both goals shape a better future for our students,” said Kate Crosby, Energy Manager for the District.

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