GoodWe Energy Storage Inverter Awarded World’s First 2018 Version of the VDE-AR-N 4105 Certificate

GoodWe was awarded the VDE-AR-N 4105 certificate for its three-phase energy storage inverter at the TÜV Rheinland Solar Photovoltaic Technology Symposium on the 15th of November, making it the world’s first recipient of the 2018 version of the German VDE-AR-N 4105 certificate. Mr. Li Weichun, General Manager of TÜV Rheinland China Solar Services, and Mr. Fang Gang, Vice President of GoodWe, were among the attendees at the event.


At the award ceremony, Mr. Li Weichun congratulated GoodWe on successfully passing the 2018 version of the German VDE-AR-N 4105 certification. Li Weichun expressed: “The new version of the 4105 standard has undergone the review draft on June 23, 2017 and the first edition on May 17, 2018, until the official release on November 1, 2018. TÜV Rheinland always keeps up with the latest standard dynamics and will be the fastest one to bring them to domestic inverters and energy storage manufacturers, even hosting two special seminars to promote these new standards. GoodWe’s R&D personnel participated in the training and throughout the process, quickly and effectively introduced new standard technical requirements into product development. After the official version was released, the technological aspect was updated and the standard upgrade was completed quickly. This is the first company that is able to fully demonstrate its technological research and developmental capabilities, its ability to respond quickly to market changes and standard repetitions, and it is for these reasons that has been certified. The new standard is very different from the old version. It is not easy to complete the test and pass the technical evaluation in such a short period of time. Congratulations to GoodWe.”


Mr. Fang Gang, Vice-President of GoodWe, thanked TÜV Rheinland for their support in the project. TÜV Rheinland and GoodWe have cooperated for many years, and the technical teams have established a mutual understanding with each other as well. This time, GoodWe won the first 2018 version of the German VDE-AR-N 4105 certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland, and thanks to the support and assistance provided by technical experts from TÜV Rheinland, the GoodWe ET series has been successfully certified, which is another achievement for GoodWe’s energy storage technological innovations. This also proves that GoodWe’s innovative ability in the residential field and the pursuit of safer and more efficient products will push the development of the storage systems to a new era.


The certified product is a new three-phase energy storage inverter, the ET series, that enables enhanced energy independence and maximizes self-consumption through export limit feature and time of use shifts for reduced electric bills. Covering a power range of 5 kW, 8 kW and 10 kW, the ET Series allows up to 100% overloading to maximize power output and features Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to inductive loads such as air conditioners or refrigerators with an automatic switchover time of less than 10 milliseconds, providing grid-tied savings when the grid is up and off-grid independence and security when it is down or compromised.

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