First project in Turkey with German solar films-I-SUN ENERJI and Heliatek plan strategic partnership

With the installation of organic photovoltaics in Turkey, the first project of I-Sun and Heliatek was implemented within a short time. A total of 40 m² of the flexible solar film HeliaSol® was applied to the covered sidewalk of a private school in Istanbul. The installation heralds the start of a planned cooperation between I-Sun and Heliatek.

Using Heliatek’s sustainable PV technology, this installation will generate approximately 2,500 kWh of clean energy per year, which is approximately the annual energy requirement of a small household. In the field of renewable energy sources, solar energy is growing fastest, while the share of fossil fuels in the overall energy mix is declining. The motivation behind the project in Istanbul is based on the increasing environmental awareness and the need for clean energy of Turkish companies.

As a leading Turkish solar energy company, I-Sun develops and designs innovative approaches to solar energy solutions. Veysel Sarıkaya, Vice President of I-SUN: “As I-SUN, we have worked since our inception to make solar energy a part of our daily lives. By developing innovative ideas with solar energy, our primary goal is to provide Turkey with the most effective and long-term solutions. By the advancement of our work and the increase of our investments we will make an important and above all lasting contribution to our national economy. “

Heliatek is a global leader in the development and manufacture of large-area, flexible organic solar films called HeliaFilm® and HeliaSol®Jan Kiel, Managing Director and CFO of Heliatek, explains: “We are delighted with the start in Istanbul. With I-SUN we will have a partner who has an excellent technological understanding in the field of solar energy. Turkey is ideally suited for the use of solar technology. Together we can make energy generation in Turkey more sustainable and thus make a significant contribution to reducing CO2emissions”.

With the use of the innovative thin film technology from Germany, I-Sun is pursuing a new approach. Dr. Kutay Mutdoğan, General Manager of I-Sun, explains that they are proud to have brought OPV technology to Turkey with this pilot project with Heliatek. Further test installations are planned as part of the cooperation. The aim is to evaluate Heliatek’s OPV technology and, with the start of volume production from 2020, to prepare the market entry in Turkey as joint partners.

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