Monthly Archives: November 2018

Brand-new ET Series GoodWe Three-phase Energy Storage Inverter

GoodWe recently announced that they are starting to take orders for its brand-new ET Series three-phase energy storage inverter which has been already certified by VDE4105. The series is the most compact and lightweight inverter in the market with maximum efficiency of 98.3%, equipped with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Function, backup overloading, AC charging functions and open-protocol EMS communication system.

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Highly efficient of wet-processed solar cells with molecules in the same orientation

2D-GIWAXS images of DRCN5T thin films deposited on PEDOT:PSS substrates 327 (a) without and (b) with a CuI buffer layer. Credit: Kanazawa University Solar cells are a cost-effective, alternate source of energy. A subtype of these, organic solar cells make use of organic polymers inside the cell. Using these polymers makes the cells light-weight and increases their flexibility. Organic solar

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