GoodWe&Tigo Optimization Solutions

After a long period of rigorous and comprehensive compatibility tests with the Tigo products, GoodWe finally is starting to take orders this month for its new single and three phase inverters with smart solution for module-level monitoring, rapid shutdown and optimization integrated, which is perfectly suitable for sophisticated system layouts and partial shadings.


For this endeavor, GoodWe has partnered with the world’s famous smart module optimizer developer Tigo, which provides PV modules integrated and retrofitted MLPEs with varied levels of MLPE functionalities. Customers now can mix and match different Tigo products according to their ideal budget and system requirements. Compared to other traditional optimization systems in the market which require MLPEs on every module even when it is not necessary, GoodWe & Tigo have put together a highly efficient & economic solution with fewer BOS components which lowers the overall cost of the system and is easier to install.


GoodWe DNS and SDT series smart inverters offer a cost effective and reliable solution that perfectly fits smart modules. Thanks to the integration of Tigo’s Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) datalogger, users can now reduce hardware costs avoiding the need to purchase an additional datalogger. In addition, this combined solution allows end-users to collect operating information from both devices and each smart module which means more system data for valuable insights for real-time analysis in both Tigo and GoodWe’s monitoring platforms is available. Furthermore, fewer components reduce potential points of failure and risk, simplifying service when it is required.

Providing easy to integrate optimization components and monitoring systems to maximize yield, the Tigo TS4 platform works seamlessly with both GoodWe DNS and SDT inverters to provide greater return on investment in both residential and commercial systems.

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