GoodWe Conducted Tailored Technical Trainings for TATA Power

GoodWe recently conducted two tailored technical trainings for TATA Power in Mumbai and Delhi, which covered sessions on full range of inverter products and PV solutions, real case studies combined with the right blend of theory and practice, significant installation guidance and customized system design suggestions.


Many technical engineers attended the trainings and gained in-depth knowledge of GoodWe products and solutions. “GoodWe trainers are experienced professionals who understand the solar market challenges and demands. The training is top-quality and professional which highlights many significant points that not concerned previously during inverter installing and system designing.” They said, “It really helps us to get specific and detailed information about GoodWe products, solve some existing problems in the projects and avoid potential risks in future applications.”

The trainings were given by GoodWe Solar Academy (GSA), which has developed a new concept of workshops. Besides offering an unparalleled after-sales service with a local team of 10 people, GoodWe aims to offer global support to all customers including project consulting, technical training, on-site support and pre-sales service, covering the needs of installers, system designers and technical sales teams.

“We are delighted to organize the trainings for our valued customer TATA Power in India.” Said Jeffery, Director of GSA, “We are devoted to supporting our customers to expand their business in terms of renewable development and construction activities with excellent quality and service. GoodWe is not only the supplier, but also a strategic partner.”


With the rapid development in Indian commercial and industrial markets, GoodWe has achieved significant growth of supply this year with total capacity of 120MW by now. GoodWe’s philosophy is to always create win-win partnerships by identifying and integrating the most advanced components and techniques available, as well as admirable pre-sales and after-sales service.

“Definitely, the trainings are part of our ATO (the abbreviation for “Across the Ocean to Stay with You”) program committed to serving the training needs of our overseas customers. GSA will keep exploring and addressing the technical challenges that our customers face on a regular basis.” Jeffery said.

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