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Boron Nitride Separation Process Could Facilitate Higher Efficiency Solar Cells

First author Taha Ayari measures the photovoltaic performances of the InGaN solar cells with a solar simulator. Credit: Ougazzaden laboratory, Georgia Tech A team of semiconductor researchers based in France has used a boron nitride separation layer to grow indium gallium nitride (InGaN) solar cells that were then lifted off their original sapphire substrate and placed onto a glass substrate.

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Organic printed solar cells offer you the chance to print out solar panels and stick them on your roof

With Australia’s energy crisis dominating news headlines, a powerful new industry-research collaboration is signaling the emergence of a new renewable energy market – organic printed solar. Professor Paul Dastoor Created by University of Newcastle Physicist, Professor Paul Dastoor, organic printed solar cells are electronic inks printed onto sub-millimetre thin plastic sheets using conventional printers. CHEP, a Brambles company, has become their historic

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