GoodWe Contributes to Refinery’s Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

With a total capacity of 6.063 MWp, Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited was reported successfully having a commissioned largest solar power project in a refinery site. The solar power project is spread across 34 rooftops within the refinery premises comprising both RCC and sloping sheet steel roofs. “These solar plants generate more than 24,000 units per day amounting to more than 8.8 million units per annum” the site owner said.


TATA Power did the engineering procurement and construction of this project, who is making tremendous contributions in building a greener future for India as they are paying more attentions to C&I projects. Thanks to its high efficiency and reliable quality, 95 GoodWe string inverters are selected by TATA power in the project. GoodWe MT Series inverters (50-70kW) are specially tailored for Indian C&I solar market with 30% DC input oversizing and a continuous maximum AC output power overload of 15%, which can be successfully deployed on large scale commercial rooftops and ground-mounted solar PV plants and can help further reduce installation costs while its power boost function provides higher yield and a faster ROI.


Along with the idea of energy-saving and emission-reduction becoming popular in India, 2 GW solar capacity is expected in this year in its commercial and industrial markets. With significant growth of supply to Indian market, GoodWe is aware of the importance of offering an unparalleled after-sales service to win long-term business. GoodWe has already set up its Indian office in Mumbai and till today has built up a local team of 10 people mainly for service, and there are more to join.

” We are delighted to be awarded with a number of MW solar rooftops in India,” Mr. Huang Min. “We will continue to focus on increasing our presence in terms of development and construction activities in India with excellent quality and service.”

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