Monthly Archives: August 2018

Solar energy for Olympic stadium in Oslo

The city’s Culture and Sports department places order for 212 kW photovoltaic installation on Bislett stadium in Oslo in order to stimulate climate protection via solar energy in Norway – PV installation with Panasonic modules HIT® since end of June in operation On behalf of Oslo’s Culture and Sports department (Kultur- og idrettsbygg Oslo KF), Abmas Elektro has installed a

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Insight into loss processes in perovskite solar cells enables efficiency improvements

The analysed perovskite cell has a surface of 1 cm2. Credit. Uni Potsdam With additional layers between the perovskite semiconductor and the hole- and electron-transportlayers (red and blue lines), the team at the University of Potsdam was able to further increase efficiency of the perovskite cell. Bild. Uni Potsdam In perovskite solar cells, charge carriers are mainly lost through recombination

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