GoodWe Launches 70 kW MT Series for Utility Projects

GoodWe is now rolling out its new compact 70 kW MT series inverter GW70KHV-MT for utility projects with high output voltage of 500V and maximum efficiency of 99%, which includes four MPP trackers and a wide input voltage range to ensure design flexibility and compatibility with high-output PV panels. Since GoodWe launched its MT series string inverter last year, 950MW have been supplied to global commercial rooftops.

The new 70kW inverter features power line communication (PLC) which is suitable for ground-mounted solar plants. String level current monitoring is also available for measuring each PV generator string current and detecting defective string current. With capacity of 70 kW, the new transformerless, three-phase GoodWe MT series grid-tied inverter is equipped with four MPP Trackers ensuring that the outputs of connected modules are able to generate the highest yields even in different PV installation conditions, 5% more output compared with the string inverters with one MPP tracker on the market.

The inverter also brings power density to unprecedented levels with only 60kg and less than 20% volume compared to other conventional models, which greatly simplifies installation and commissioning, saving time and costs. Moreover, it is able to provide 30% DC input oversizing and a continuous maximum AC output power overload of 15% thanks to its boost function, which offers customers a faster return on investment.

Compared with equivalent competitor products, the new GoodWe 70kW MT series inverter is the most compact and lightweight inverter in the market with the maximum efficiency of 99%. Equipped with anti-PID function, input reverse polarity protection and SPD on both DC&AC terminals, the new MT series maximizes profits for utility projects in the most effective and secure way.

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