coneva and Stadtwerke München to Jointly Develop an Integrated Energy Management System

Stadtwerke München (SWM; Munich City Utilities) and coneva GmbH (a subsidiary of SMA Solar Technology AG) are launching a collaboration to jointly develop an integrated energy management system. This will allow households and commercial customers to generate and store their own electricity and optimize its use. The software-based, modular energy management system based on ennexOS, the IoT platform for energy management developed by SMA, is to be integrated into the smart meter gateway.

“Together with Stadtwerke München, coneva GmbH is investing in the future market of the digital energy industry,” said Jochen Schneider, General Manager of coneva GmbH. “The smart meter rollout has now been legally defined for Germany. As part of this collaboration, we will now examine whether and how this digital infrastructure can be effectively used by utility companies and end customers alike to generate additional benefit that is relevant to the end customer, allow them to participate in the energy market and to optimize this participation.”

By combining the energy management system with the smart meter gateway, the gateway can not only be used to transmit consumption data. The secure gateway infrastructure also allows to activate generation systems, energy storage systems and loads, e.g., from the areas of photovoltaics, stationary and mobile storage systems and household appliances.

“As the metering point operator with overall responsibility in Munich, it is naturally important to us to further expand the use of the existing digital smart meter infrastructure,” said Florian Bieberbach, Chief Executive Officer of SWM. “Working closely with coneva, we now want to further promote the digitalization of the energy transition and expand it by the functional scope of energy management. We consider the joint pilot project as the next logical step in further promoting the renewable energies expansion campaign.”

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About coneva
coneva GmbH, a subsidiary of SMA Solar Technology AG, develops digital energy solutions for the modern world of energy. It offers companies such as public utilities, housing associations and telecommunications companies comprehensive White Label solutions for integrating its customers into the energy market. In addition, coneva GmbH provides solutions for energy monitoring, control and management to enable commercial enterprises and public institutions to significantly reduce their energy costs. The heart of coneva GmbH’s business model is holistic energy management across all sectors. Here generators such as photovoltaic and CHP plants are connected with loads such as lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration via the ennexOS energy management platform developed by SMA.

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