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Conti Solar Advances Its National EPC Solar Services

Conti Solar, a national solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), O&M and energy storage development company, announced today it is expanding its regional staff to support its growing operation west of the Mississippi. The company currently has over 84 MW of solar projects in various stages of construction in California, Minnesota, Illinois, and Utah. The solar power generation projects include

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Impact of Partial Shading on the P-V Characteristics and the Maximum Power of a Photovoltaic String

Abstract A photovoltaic system is highly susceptible to partial shading. Based on the functionality of a photovoltaic system that relies on solar irradiance to generate electrical power, it is tacitly assumed that the maximum power of a partially shaded photovoltaic system always decreases as the shading heaviness increases. However, the literature has reported that this might not be the case.

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A Novel Two-Stage Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverter Voltage-Type Control Method with Failure Zone Characteristics

Abstract This paper investigates how to develop a two-stage voltage-type grid-connected control method for renewable energy inverters that can make them simulate the characteristics of a synchronous generator governor. Firstly, the causes and necessities of the failure zone are analyzed, and thus the traditional static frequency characteristics are corrected. Then, a novel inverter control scheme with the governor’s failure zone

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