DUNMORE Announces New DUN-SOLAR™ Photovoltaic Backsheets

DUNMORE is proud to announce its expanded portfolio of UL listed backsheets for photovoltaic applications. The DUN-SOLAR™ products are designed and manufactured for solar applications where robust characteristics are needed, such as long term UV exposure and wide temperature ranges. By incorporating high performance materials into the coated and laminated films, DUN-SOLAR backsheets provide superior moisture resistance, thermal, and UV stability. These photovoltaic (PV) backsheets combine process stability with excellent functionality.

With proven durability in the field, the expanded DUN-SOLAR portfolio of over 35 UL listed products includes polyester and polyvinyl fluoride film (PVF) constructions
(https://www.dunmore.com/products/protective-backsheets.html) for 1000 volt and 1500 volt applications. PV backsheets that meet California (UL 1703 Fire Rating) and IEC 61730) are available in clear, white, and black configurations. Also available are other new and unique DUNMORE backsheets, including the DS392R for Bifacial Modules and the DS450 and DS475 PPC+ backsheets, which allow for greater module output and manufacturing efficiencies. DUNMORE is also a leader in (Polyvinyl Fluoride / Aluminum / Polyester / Polyethylene (TAPE) solar backsheets for copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) panels and flexible module fabrication.

DUNMORE’s two US manufacturing facilities and European facility in Germany provide a truly global supply chain and technical support capabilities. For PV module manufacturers that are looking for a technology leader and value long lasting partnerships, DUNMORE is a leading supplier. DUN-SOLAR products complement its market leadership position in diverse industries such as aerospace, energy, and graphics.

Neil Gillespie, Vice President of Technology for DUNMORE states that, “DUNMORE has been manufacturing backsheet films for over 10 years and continues to solve unique material science challenges with our customer as they seek to increase performance and drive costs out of their manufacturing operations.”

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