GoodWe and ON Semiconductor establish joint laboratory for PV inverter new technology development

The long-awaited joint laboratory between GoodWe and ON Semiconductor was inaugurated in a grand opening ceremony with the attendance of GoodWe CEO Huang Min and Deputy General Manager Fang Gang, ON Semiconductor Asia Pacific President David Chow and Vice President of Sales for China Roy Chia. This joint purpose aims to build an effective communication and cooperation platform for PV inverter technology innovation. With the cooperation of both platforms, the two sides will jointly promote the breakthrough and application of the leading-edge technology of photovoltaic inverters.


ON Semiconductor (US Nasdaq listing code: ONNN) is a leading supplier of power device semiconductors offering a comprehensive range of power devices including discrete components such as IGBTs, MOSFETs, diodes, wide bandgap (WBG) and power modules such as Intelligent Power Modules (IPM). After the acquisition of Fairchild Semiconductor, it is the world’s second largest supplier of power discrete semiconductor devices. It has unparalleled advantages in the field of IGBT, providing best-in-class IGBT technology and the broadest IGBT product line-up.


As a leading brand in the global photovoltaic inverter field, GoodWe has always attached great importance to technological innovation and regards product quality as the lifeline of the company. Now it has developed more than ten series of PV inverter products for grid-connection and energy storage, covering a range of 1-80 kW, fully meeting the needs of residential, poverty alleviation, industrial, commercial and utility scale projects. The company’s products have obtained dozens of relevant certifications and government listings and have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. GoodWe’s rising market position also provides a rich application scenario for IGBTs and continues to promote the innovative development of IGBT technology in the field of photovoltaic inverters.


At the symposium on the opening ceremony, the two sides made in-depth exchanges on the market situation after the new policy in China and discussed about the future development of the photovoltaic industry. Huang Min, CEO of GoodWe, claimed that “in the short run, the new policy will have a greater impact on enterprises, but in the long run, the photovoltaic industry will inevitably undergo a process of subsidy, and market-oriented operations will achieve long-term development.” With the decline in system costs and the gradual liberalization of electricity market transactions, the future of the photovoltaic industry is bright. Since its establishment, GoodWe has maintained steady development. With a shrinking domestic market in China, the long-term accumulation of overseas market advantages is highlighted. In the PV inverter manufacturing process, GoodWe always adheres to the spirit of the craftsman, strictly controlling the quality and innovation of products with international first-line brand core components. GoodWe chose to cooperate with internationally renowned companies such as ON Semiconductor to strengthen the technology breakthrough of photovoltaic inverters and build high-quality products with core technology to provide power to any type of PV station.


David Chow, President of ON Semiconductor Asia Pacific, affirmed GoodWe’s strength in corporate development and technological innovation, and expressed its hope for more and deeper cooperation with GoodWe in technology innovation, resource sharing and talent exchange, especially in the application field of IGBT technology, it helps GoodWe technology innovation, and makes more stable and reliable PV inverter products.

Subsequently, the leaders of the two sides visited the joint laboratory together. Fang Gang, Deputy General Manager of GoodWe, explained that the laboratory will conduct simulation tests for the application of IGBT in photovoltaic inverters and carry out all-round rigorous testing to ensure the quality of the IGBT and the adaptability to the inverter, and the efficiency and stability of the photovoltaic inverter will be effectively improved through pre-production preview.


The cooperation between GoodWe and ON Semiconductor is full of expectations. It is believed that the two sides will realize the innovation and breakthrough of the key technologies of the inverter through in-depth exchanges and cooperation in technology and resources, bringing customers a more unexpected product experience, open a brand-new chapter. In addition, GoodWe is the only PV inverter company on the market that purchases product liability insurance, error and omission insurance for its full range of products, which also plays a role in escorting product quality and technological innovation.

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